Wednesday, February 27, 2013

From One Blogger to Another

This week we're eating - stromboli, leftover pork roast, chicken breasts, Swiss chard and black beans...stay tuned!

Blogging is a great creative outlet...when you feel creative.  I don't always feel creative, inspired, and/or motivated.  Recently I've been reminded of my blog.  First, I met a fellow dietitian who blogs and I picked her brain with questions that have plagued me like, "Isn't it hard to find your blog voice?," and "You've got to be consisted, right?!"  Her answers have breathed new life into me, for the moment, and I find myself wanting to make a go of this again.  Second, my mother, who writes a food column, wants to start blogging and came to me with questions.  As I emailed back and forth with her I started to feel that inspiration to write, cook and take pictures.  I was startled to see how many hits several of my posts had acquired in the last year.  After all, if what I write isn't read, my mission is not accomplished.  For those of you who visited, became members, friends, etc. thank you, because if there were no "hits" I may have just "shut her down."  I suppose a hit doesn't mean a "read," but I'm optimistic...