Thursday, March 7, 2013

Muffins For the Week

This muffin recipe is a keeper.  Full of flavor and fiber.  A great choice for a carb in the morning, alongside soup at a meal, or for a needed afternoon snack.  My mom says they are good to her blood sugar and they freeze well too.

I've tried substitutions, like leaving out the scant 1/4 cup oil, but they get too dry too fast.  My usual substitution is blueberries for chocolate chips.  Because Chris, my husband, is allergic to nuts I usually leave those out, BUT when I do include nuts I always make sure the nuts are roasted before stirring them into the batter.  Sometimes I use whole wheat pastry flour for all the flour or part.  Oh yes, these are Katie and Edward approved, my children love these especially when they are mini-sized (set timer to check mini muffins at 8-10 minutes).

If you can find Bob's Red Mill products, that's the brand of wheat bran I use.

Thank you Eating Well magazine this recipe is a keeper.

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