Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Boozy Olives

For hostess gifts this year I made Boozy Olives from Bon Appetit December 2011 -

They were a hit!  I have received many requests for the link to this recipe.  Most recently a friend emailed to let me know that the Cerignola olives were nowhere to be found locally.  I usually adapt recipes to my taste, budget and need for convenience - I never did look for the Cerignola olives (nor did I include the vermouth).  I just bought the yummiest looking olives that I would like to see sitting at the bottom of a well-filled martini glass.  What I purchased, and what got the rave reviews, was Lindsay brand Spanish queen olives pimiento stuffed.

Yesterday I made a trip to Costco for 2 big jars of Lindsay olives and today I will deliver a jar to my friend who can't wait to make these yummy olives that sit well alongside most any hors d'oeuvre.   I will keep the second jar and make boozy olives to have on-hand.

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